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Breaking Open
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Psychedelic medicines can be powerful catalysts for change. They have an incredible ability to illuminate the way, but it is up to you to take aligned action and walk the path. 


They open a critical window of time where neuroplasticity 

significantly increases, creating an opportunity to instill new thought patterns and behaviors. They can also uncover experiences, limiting beliefs, or emotions that have been suppressed in our subconscious, allowing them to be surfaced and transmuted, acting as a springboard to launch us into who we came here to be.   

Psychedelic Integration is the process of making sense of a big experience, finding meaning in it, and creating behaviors that align who we are on the outside with who we are becoming on the inside. It is the weaving of insights and wisdom into how we show up in every day life. This process is not linear, and often takes time. It is so important that we offer grace, patience and love to ourselves on this journey.

A psychedelic journey can be difficult, uncomfortable, confusing, destabilizing, ungrounding, or make us feel like we are going "crazy". Alternately, the experience can be absolutely incredible, causing us to long for feelings or sensations that we have only felt in a medicine journey. Either one of these situations can make it difficult to settle back into a life that no longer feels like it is aligned with who we are, and each of these present their own challenges. 


This type of coaching is for those looking to explore, process, or reflect on psychedelic experiences. This support can be as simple as a one-time appointment, or a more complex, individualized plan determined by your particular needs.

You will be supported in processing any emotions, insights, or challenges that arose in your experience. We will work together to build new ways of thinking, allowing old thought patterns and habits to fall away, building an entirely new way of being the world. We will peel back the layers of what is no longer your truth, while you come home to who you really are.

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