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Heavy Sky

Shamanic Breathwork is an ancient and sacred technology that allows us to access altered states of consciousness and tap into places deep within us that are

beyond our conscious mind.

It is one of the most  powerful ways to expand awareness and receive life-changing perception shifts. It can release dense energy, trauma, limiting beliefs, suppressed emotions, and negative habit loops that are stuck inside our nervous system and tissues.

The ceremonial container is a safe space where we can
breathe life into places we have buried and avoided, so we can embody more peace, gratitude, joy, laughter, confidence, love, and  so much more.

  This is where we reconnect  with our divinity and true power within


This is where healing and expansion are catalyzed

This is where we come back home

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This sacred ceremony is guided by music and verbal prompts to amplify the journey into light and dark.

Shamanic tools such as drums, rattles, essential oils, feathers, and healing touch are incorporated to help move any energy that arises, and you will be held in a container of radical unconditional love with full permission for you to express whatever emotions that need to move through and out.... Rage, tears, laughter, etc. are all welcome here.

The container for this ceremony is held impeccably, with the utmost reverence for the depths of the places within you that may open.

It is my soul's purpose to be the channel that ignites the alchemy within this experience, and I am honored to encourage you in your vulnerability and bravery.

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Please set an intention for your journey, as it is the powerful force which opens the ceremonial space prior to, and during, the actual ceremony.

Intention is everything. 

Please eat lightly on the day of ceremony, and refrain from eating at least 2-3 hours prior to ceremony.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a journal and water bottle

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