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Knowing + Becoming

Golden foil lotus with a moon below and sun above representing the philosophy of the highest growth from the deepest dark
Iridescent phoenix with wings outstretched symbolizing ultimate transformation and rising from the ashes
Serene nurse facilitator in bohemian dress on desert mountaintop under sunset. Radiating peace, confidence and roundedness



Resistance + Surrender

Death  + Rebirth

Two Dried Leaves

And just as the Phoenix rose from the ashes, you too will rise 

Returning from the flames, clothed in nothing but strength,

more beautiful than ever before...

Shannen Heartz

Sandstone Pattern

Welcome Home


I am a RN, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, and Transformational Coach. I am passionately devoted to empowering and supporting people in the reclamation of their health and sovereignty in Mind + Body + Spirit. I am a weaver of science and sacred, bridging the wisdom of both worlds into a holistic approach to healing. ​ My background as an ER and Hospice nurse, along with my own healing work with entheogenic medicines, has uniquely contributed to my ability to hold space in the darkest, scariest, most vulnerable places, while embodying compassion, non-judgement, radical unconditional love, and unwavering steadiness. The alchemy of these interwoven journeys provided fertile soil to deepen my roots for patient/client advocacy, ethics, accountability, education, safety, support, discernment and autonomy. My experience has also provided an incredible foundation that continues to fuel my insatiable passion for nutrition, biohacking and all things health related. Throughout my healing journey, I have developed and practiced many tools, tips, tricks, hacks, and modalities that supported the complete transformation of my life. It is one of my highest excitements to share these with others, with encouragement and belief that if I can do it, you can do it, too. ​ May you be unafraid to allow parts of who you think you are to die, so you can be reborn into who you truly came here to be. ​ To serve others in this way, aligned in my purpose and witnessing deep healing every single day, is a privilege and an honor. Thank you for being here.   ​​​ Your healing is my healing, and as we heal ourselves we heal the world.

golden foil sun mandala representing the sun shining on our hearts and souls

"How incredibly blessed and appreciative I feel to have had the privilege to be cloaked in the protective energy field of Lena's profound breathwork ceremony, alongside my sisters, under the safe, comfortable, trusted wings of Lena's facilitation. She so selflessly and lovingly instructed and led us through our transcendent journeys, from our initial takeoff to gently gliding us back home... We were not the same as when we began.

Thank you Lena, for being you." 

Jessica H.

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