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Welcome to the space between


Death + Rebirth


Resistance + Surrender


Knowing + Becoming

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"Now, when a new day dawns for us after the long night of darkness, and the Phoenix rises regenerated from its ashes, we have invented a new self. And the physical, biological expression of the new self is literally becoming someone else. That's true metamorphosis"

Joe Dispenza

Welcome Home


I am a RN, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, and Transformational Coach.


I am passionately devoted to empowering and supporting you in the reclamation of your health and sovereignty in Mind + Body + Spirit... It is time to let go of everything that is not aligned with who you truly are, so you can reconnect to your power, purpose and divinity. 


My background as an ER and Hospice nurse, along with my own healing work, has uniquely contributed to my ability to hold space in the darkest, scariest, most vulnerable places, while embodying compassion, nonjudgement, radical unconditional love, and unwavering steadiness.


Amidst a life-changing spiritual awakening in 2018 through plant medicine, I experienced a deep soul remembering that my purpose here is to hold radically safe space in profoundly transformative containers


where aspects of you may die

so you can be reborn

into more of who you came here to be.

I have spent years excavating the deepest caverns of my own shadows... seeking discomfort, pushing my edges, facing fears, being repeatedly humbled with each ego death, and fully surrendering to the unknown. Because I have gone to the depths within myself, I am unshakeable in my ability to hold and guide you in yours.

I am honored that you are here.


Your healing is my healing.



W h e n   w e   h e a l   o u r s e l v e s   W e   h e a l   t h e   w o r l d


Psychedelic Integration




"How incredibly blessed and appreciative I feel to have had the privilege to be cloaked in the protective energy field of Lena's profound breathwork ceremony, alongside my sisters, under the safe, comfortable, trusted wings of Lena's facilitation. She so selflessly and lovingly instructed and led us through our transcendent journeys, from our initial takeoff to gently gliding us back home...

We were not the same as when we began. Thank you Lena, for being you." 


"Lena is the best breathwork facilitator I have ever experienced.

Being a certified breathwork facilitator myself and having practiced many sessions on my own, I was initially skeptical when invited by a friend to a group breathwork ceremony. But I experienced what felt like years' worth of counseling, hiking, and meditation all in 1 session, and I was amazed by the dramatic shifts of energy, healing, and love.

Lena is incredible.  She's real, beautiful, nurturing, and empowered. What a gift to experience radical healing, unconditional love, and letting shit go in the container of her powerful connected energy." 


"The best way that I can describe Lena's breathwork ceremony is

“Powerful Medicine”. I cannot recommend her enough!
The physical space/atmosphere that Lena created was comfortable, inviting and loving. The breathwork session was an intense sensory experience that was incredibly immersive and insightful. The session left me with a few realizations about my past, a more renewed sense of appreciation for what I have now and something that I didn’t expect to happen, a deeper Mind/Body connection.
I will always remember this experience, the imagery and results that came from it and will continue to participate in breathwork sessions with Lena as much as possible!"


"Lena guiding us through our healing has forever changed me and my daughter. She tells anyone who will listen about her experience. She and her father are on the mend, and it's a beautiful thing. Thank you Lena for helping my daughter through one of the hardest times in her life. I am forever grateful."


Private Breathwork Contact

Let's Connect

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